New Presence

The feeling of power hit Ara like a half-ton monster truck. Something new had entered the house, something strange and unfamiliar that he had never sensed the likes of before.

And, for once, it seemed to be friendly.

From the scraps of conversation he had overheard from his position, sprawled on the floor, Ara had managed to piece together parts of what was going on. Someone had come in here after Nathan, and shot Ara in the process. Then there'd been a lot of noise and shouting and a heck of a lot of banging. Now Nathan was lying on the couch, probably bordering on death. Why, Ara wasn't sure. No-one had been terribly specific about that big lots-of-unintelligble-banging-and-shouting that Ara hadn't heard.

None the less, the new presence set his teeth on edge. Despite it's apparent friendliness, it was distinctly unnerving for him.

Ara snarled low in his throat, trying to wake himself up enough to move. Without success. What the heck was wrong with him? His thoughts were clear, he could open his eyes (although he still couldn't see anything clearly through the veil of blood) but his body just wouldn't listen to him.

Oh baka.

The End

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