Searching through the rain

Corby cuddled into Leigh's cold but comfortable shoulder. She was freezing, but Corby ignored that. 

"I have no idea..." Corby whispered to Leigh, and saw her faintly smile. Corby looked up to see everyone around Nathan, then saw Seleantus wink at Leigh. Leigh grinned but Corby sighed.

"They'll come Corby, jut you wait." Leigh ruffled the top of Corby's hair.

"I'm tired of waiting." Corby whispered. "Everyone's in love, it's like it's hiding in the floorboards and it's floating in the air." she mumbled. They both paused.

"Well..." Leigh whispered. They both stayed silent, that's what Corby liked about Leigh, she felt she didn't have to fill every silence with speech, like her. Seleantus slowly walked over and jumped onto the sofa next to Leigh, she smiled.

Then slowly, as Leigh and Seleantus gazed into each others eyes romantically, Corby lifted Leigh's arm off of her and slowly walked over to the window, searching for happiness through the rain.

The End

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