Back Again

Ara blinked slowly and managed to force an eye open. His vision was blurry and unfocussed and something wet was dribbling into his eyes. He groaned and tried to shake his head, but it hurt too much to move. The last thing he remembered was a man bursting in through the door and pointing a gun at him. Then there'd been three bangs and...

Then the truth dawned on Ara.

He shot me! That crazy, psycopathing nitwot shot me! Baka no wonder my head hurts, I've probably got a bullet lodged in my brain!

But wait a second.

Why am I still alive exactly?

Coughing up a mouthful of bloodied phlegm, Ara tried to raise his head to look around. There were lots of voices around him, some familiar and some not. Someone laid a hand on the Halfborn's shoulder and hissed softly:

"Don't move halfbreed. Any wrong moves right now might get you finished off. You just stay quiet, got that?"

Ara half-spat a swearword,

Great. Now I've got Drippy watching me, probably thinking about stabbing me in the back with a pointy shell or something.

As if being shot wasn't enough to make this situation stink.

The End

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