Back in the Livingroom

Everyone seemed to be congregating back in the living room. Nathan lay on the couch. It reminded Leigh of when Corby lay there in a still coma. She held her hand over his forehead. All the droplets of water on him froze, for just a moment, before the heat of his body melted them.

Leigh moved on. There were people here she hadn’t met yet. Jyll was hiding behind an angelic one, scared of everyone in her room. What did she mean they had killed her author? Apparently Leigh had missed out on a lot.

She sat down next to Corby, giving the girl a hug. She was glad to see Corby well.

“You’re cold.” Corby said. She shivered slightly and Leigh pulled away.

“I am?” Leigh looked at her hands. She felt her forehead. “I don’t feel cold.”

“Not to yourself.” Corby touched Leigh’s hand.

Leigh was surprised at how warm Corby’s hand felt. No wonder Nathan’s fever had burned her. She looked back towards Nathan. Sitting in a lotus position she placed her elbows on her legs and rested her chin in her hand. She looked up shyly at Sealantus.

“What happened?” she whispered softly, half to herself, half in hopes someone might be able to tell her.

The End

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