My eyes suddenly opened.  I stared up at the ceiling.  I realized I was in the livning room, and could here Flamara talking to me gently, holding my hand.  I stood up, or thought I did.

Wait, I couldn't move.  I strained to move my hand, even look in a different direction with my eyes.  I couldn't.

NOOOOOOO!!!  I thought to myself.  I wanted to die.  I still felt hot, not quite as bad, but still hot, and now, I couldn't even do anything about it.  I didn't want to live through shooting myself.  And now, I couldn't even ask someone to kill me.

Suddenly I felt something, something sad.  But not the sorrow which I felt, the sorrow that someone feels when someone they knew dies.  I knew it was Flamara, sitting next to me.  I did what I'd done the first time she healed me, and looked through her eyes, which were closed I realized.  I put out thoughts of love and happiness, not that I was feeling them right now, but at least flamara would know I was alive then.

Master Master?  Ivory suddenly said.


The End

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