Following the Angel.

 Jyll suddenly found herself on the floor, the puzzle box laying at her side. Above her stood someone who looked like an angel.

"I don't think I've met you, how about you come with me over here."

Jyll stood, then after thinking for a moment, followed the lady through the basement. Anyone who looks like an angel must be good. 

"My name is Jade." The lady said. "What is your name?"

Jyll searched her mind, and was shocked, and almost scared, when she replied. "I don't know." Jyll wisperd, well, just bubble wrote smaller.

The angel seemed suprised at the speach bubble, but said nothing of it, and contuined towards the front of the basement.

When they reached the group, jyll shuderd and hid behind jade. "Those people killed my author." she said.

When the speach bubble popped up, almost everyone looked towards Jade.

Someone said "Jyll!!"  And a few others seemed like they where ready for her to run up and hug them. But Jyll only clung to jade harder, and looked fearfully at everyone.

"I think she has Amneasia." Jade said.

With that said, the room went silent.

"Do you know who I am?" Flamara asked.

Jyll shook her head no.

"Do you know who anyone is?"

Jyll glanced at everyone, then said. "I only know Beba."

The End

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