No Nathen....

I ran, and knelt by Nathen. Sealantus came over too.  Nathen's eyes flickered open slightly. I looked down at him, and pulled him closer. I took the bullet from his head, and closed the wound. Nathen mouthed something weakly. I frowned. He mouthed it again. It looked like..."Blood?" Sealantus whispered. Nathen gave a little nod, and closed his eyes. "No Nathen. Don't close your eyes. Please." I said softly. I bit into my own hand, and sucked blood from it once more. I thought of how I could get the blood into him. I felt his heart beat slower, and his breathing decrease. i opened my eyes wide, and pressed my mouth against him, making blood run into him.

A red tear of molten fire came down my cheek. I pulled away, and gave him a quick kiss on his forehead. I saw the gun still in his hand, and I flung it across the room. That person ducked, and it smashed on the wall. Sealantus placed his hands on Nathen's burning hot head, and made cool, icy water run over his body in little streams.  How much Nathen burnt him, but he dared not to pull away, in case one more second would save him. I pulled Nathen into my arms, and told Sealantus to go to Ara. I carried Nathen into the living room, and onto the sofa. I knelt by him on the floor, holding his hand, my head bowed, praying to the Goddess and my brothers and sisters that he would live.

The End

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