Tape. Tight tape. Actually very tight tape was plastered over Corby's small lips. She yelled, but every word was muffled. In her mind she searched through the house.

All were in the basement, Ivory had been shot! Leigh looked totally different, and Nathan was, Nathan was dying. Suddenly a light flashed on, bright and white. She squinted and attempted to look away, but something was at her right. 

She turned, something was at her left. She shot her eyes wide open to see people in masks around her, poking and prodding at her with sharp metal objects.

"Get away from me!" Corby screamed. Suddenly they all disappeared, and the metal bed she slept on, slowly moved upwards. When the bed was fully upright, she slowly looked up to see thousands of people gasping and staring at her. Humans. Tears fell down Corby's cheeks.

She was a show, just so humans could look at her in disgust and so scientists could poke and prod at her. She yanked the tape off of her mouth with her hand that wasn't tied up, and bent over and undid the other tie with her teeth. She breathed heavily, and jumped down off of the bed, running in whichever direction she thought she could go.

A man pressed a button, and an alarm sounded. She banged open a door and ran through empty corridors, she suddenly noticed she was in a hospital outfit, and was barefoot. She ran and ran and ran, until she suddenly collapsed on the floor.

The next thing she knew, she woke up in the living room of the hideout, the warm open fire making her comfortable and warm...

The End

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