Little Did I know

As I pulled the trigger, and for the most part was dead, Little did i know (Well I didn't know anything, I was unconcious) that I had not managed in killing myself.  There are certon parts of the brain that are not completely needed, as far as we know.  If I had wanted to really hit the important parts, would have needed to aim directly at my temple, which i didn't.  I aimed to the side.

I was alive, but not for long.  I was breathing so slighty, you probably couldn't of felt it if you put your hand directly over my mouth.

I may have been able to live, if we were in a hospital and had immediate care.  Well even then I wouldn't been either a Vegitable, completely retarted, or in a coma for the rest of my life. 

I'd have given myself about 3 minutes before my brain was completely dead.  and half a minute before I could be brought back some what normal.

My body slowly began to get colder and colder, slowly and slower, and my breathing less and less.

30 seconds past by, no one even coming close to me . . .

The End

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