Elric had watched the scene before him glued to the spot, eyes wide open. He never thought about his own safety, years living with Simmons had pretty much made him forget he needed to. But he did see the little girl,staring at the scene much like he himself must have been moments ago. And when the sick man picked up the gun, Elric could read the mans intentions through his body language just as good as any sign someone could have written over his head.

A thief he might have been. Simmons might have had to kill people before as his job. But neither of them were heartless enough to let a little girl watch a man take his own life.

He walked as quickly as he could without running, he didn't want to look as scared as he was. He sat down behind the girl before lightly tapping her on the shoulder. "Hey, what's your name." he tried to ask as kindly as possible. "I don't think we've properly met."

The barrel raised to the side of the mans head. As he did this, the man exposed the pad and paper that was hidden inside his pocket.

Heartless, no. Objective oriented, maybe. He gave himself a mental shake of his head and reprioritized. The girl was objective one. The pencil and paper was objective two.

The End

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