You know when you're scared, and a knight in shining armor comes and saves you? Well, no knight will come for me, not ever

"No! Nathan, you said you'd come! You said you'd come back for me! You haven't though! Please, someone! Get me out! Please!" Corby screamed and yelled, banging on the door of the room Nathan locked her in. He said he would come back for her. He never did.

You've been forgotten. Her author whispered. She slowly turned to see she was in the healing room.

"You're wrong! You're all wrong!" she screamed.

Corby get under the bed. It threatend.

"What?" she asked.

Now! she obeyed her author and ran to the bed, getting onto her knees and crawling under it, breathing heavily. Don't. Move.

She curled into a ball, and heard the door slowly open. A pair of black dirty boots walked in and stood there, she didn't even breathe. Then the footsteps walked out.

"Okay I think they're g-" A fat hand grabbed her foot and pulled her from under the bed, making her scream a ear-bleeding high pitched yell.

But all that filled that small empty healing room, was a long beeping noise. The noise when someone hangs up on you on you on the phone, the noise in a hospital when someone...when someone dies.


 Corby?.....This is your author speaking, Corby? ....Come on Corby reply, speak to me Corby come on!...Corby? Corby?!

The End

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