Starting Attacking Is Easy...Starting Peace Is Hard...So I Won't Try It On This Dude

I realized that we had placed Nathen in the wrong room. He got up, and stumbled out. I went before him, and saw a tall dude standing there. He had shot Ara! I threw flames at him, but he elbowed me in the cheek, and stabbed me. I felt him kick me as I fell. I played dead, until I heard Ivory's roar of rage. I healed the skin, sealing off the blood, but not curing any internal damage. The man had been flipped by Nathen, who seemed ready to fight him. Ivory had been flung into Sealantus. As this person stood before Nathen, I thought to myself.

I stood, and wrapped my arms round the back of this guy's shoulders. He turned, and tried to turn to get me. I giggled, and followed round playfully. He had dropped his knife and his flame-proof had been taken. Fire ran over his skin, not burning it, but just traveling.  The guy seemed confused. A badge came out of his pocket. 'Golden Eagle' it read.  Nathen realed back, ready to punch, but I told him not to. I held this Golden Eagle the way I held the other guy in the kitchen. I held his own knife to his throat. I growled in his ear. Nathen gave a little smile at me. I let go of the guy, and pushed him into a wall, and then went to Ara.

I felt his blood warm on my hands. He was still breathing, but he wasn't moving. I growled, turned to the Golden Eagle, and told my friends to cover their ears with a gesture. Using a little of my friend's power, I let out a high pitched wail. I stopped,, and glared at this...this...thing.

The End

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