trying to get out the darkness

The sounds of gun fire distracted Hola from finding out what the object she had her hands on was. She ran towards the noise, comming from upstairs it seemed to her.

On her way she crashed into quite a lot of boxes, falling flat on her face. She got up and kept on running in the direction she hoped were the  stairs.

Finally she triped over the first in the set of upward going stairs, luckally for her it wasn't going downwards, or she would have had a nasty fall.

Hola crawled up the stairs, not wanting to fall when she reached the top. Eventually she got there, but still there was no light, either she had gone blind, someone had turned the lights out or the basement was deeper than she thought.

Hola walked farwards still, triping on her own feet, and other things she could not make out in the neverending darkness. There was only one intention in her head: Find a way out the darkness.


The End

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