Jason . . .

I sped up on the motor cycle, speeding over assfault.  I felt the wind in my hair.  My name is Jason, and I live to kill.  But right now, my missino is to kill Nathan Payne, code name golden eagle.  He was sent to do a job, to kill everyone in this so called hideout, but instead, he fled there, and took refuge there.  We'd even sent an entire army to go and get him, but he was too good.  The only one who could get him now, was me.

I pulled up in at the front door, my vest on, and opened it, walking across the floor silently.  finally I came to the conclusion that I should check the basement, which I did.

The first person I saw, (who I now know was Ara) I shot three times in the head.  He screamed.  I was suddenly engulfed in flames, probably the firey chick they'd warned me about, but I kneeled down, and with help of my fire proof vest, It was ok.  As soon as the flames stopped, I stood up, and elbowed Flamera in the face, catching her off guard, and then stabbed her once in the stomach.  She caughed blood and then fell on the floor, unconcious, where I kicked her just to make sure.

I wen't over to check to see what had happened to Ara, and he was, still alive?  He was breathing.  He must have some sort of extream skull, because I'd shot him, and i know I hadn't missed.

suddenly I stood up, and a little girl looked at me with her eyes wide.  She was probably corby.  As soon as i began to point my gun at her, I was grabbed and flipped, landing on my head.

I looked to see Nathan Payne, who was shirtless and seeemed sick, very sick.  He reached down, and in a flash had ripped my vest from me, throwing it away.

I jumped to my feet, and looked at him.  Despite that he was sick, he held up his fists, ready to fight.

I was suddenly engulfed in water.  I couldn't breath.  What was going on?  Was there someone else I didn't know about with the water element?

I was let go after a few seconds, and spewed out over the floor.  I hopped up already ready for action again, but realized my wrists were stuck in place with bands of water.

"Who are you and what do you want?"  I looked at a man who I recognized to be the one controlling the water.

Just at that second, a huge white tiger leaped at me, eager for revenge at hurting her friends.  I lifted up my legs, and kicked the tiger into the water boy, who was suddenly thrown back.  My wrists were released, and I ran, ran out of the room.  I found a room upstairs, and hid under a bed.  No one would find me for a while . . .

The End

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