Changing Leigh

“I’ll be right back,” Leigh told Sealantus before she headed to the front door. She paused noticing the destruction of the Kitchen. “What happened?” she whispered. Leigh shook her head to clear her thoughts, this wasn’t why she was up here. Smiling she went to the front door.

“Alright, I’m not leaving, I just want to get a few things from my motorcycle, okay?”

Her long distance riding attire was beginning to irk her. And really, water wicking, skin tight pants and long sleeve shirt under a tank top and shorts, was not the most glamorous look. Not that she wanted to be glamorous, but…

“Well?” She asked the house again, having fished her bike key out of her suit.

The door creaked open and Leigh stepped outside into the rain. Rain which curiously turned to snow around her. Opening her luggage, she pulled out her duffle bag and shoes. Ah shoes, now her feet wouldn’t be cold anymore; except they weren’t cold now, though they were being covered in snow. Leigh looked down puzzled, shrugged and went back inside. The door closed quietly behind her.

“Thanks.” She wandered down the hall to the bathroom.

Leigh nearly dropped her duffle when she saw her reflection. In fact she had to do a double take. Those were her brown contacts staring back at her, but the rest of her face, was almost unrecognizable. She was as pale as death, slightly warmed. Her teeth were pearly white. Her eyes, Leigh took out her contacts, were ice blue. Stepping back she shook her head and noticed her hair too had grown.

Leigh blinked once, then twice, then shrugged.

There was nothing she could do, nor, she realized, wanted to do, about her natural features. What she did want to do was change her clothing. Leigh turned her focus to her duffle bag and pulled out the dark blue boot cut jeans and light weight evergreen cashmere sweater. Once changed she tackled her hair. Grinning she made two braids from the hair that always got in her eyes. Once the braids were secured she circled them around her head like a coronet. Slipping her feet into her low healed pumps, she let out a sigh of contentment.

Leigh stuffed everything back into the duffle bag and picked it up. She stashed it with her suit before turning to see what everyone was up to.

The End

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