Your Back!!!

As Leigh and Sealantus came back, I smiled. I hugged Sealantus, and gasped. His hands were scratched and a bit bloody. I looked over at Leigh. She had changed. She looked really nice. Ara limped over, and clapped him on the back, saying, "Where you been, Calmari Boy?!?! Nathen's been burning!!!" Sealantus tried to touch Nathen, but pulled away. He was burning. I shook my head, wondering if it was my doing.

Maybe something else was happening. My blood ran through Nathen's vein's as well as his own. I helped him up the stairs to the Healing room. Ivory glanced over at me. No one but me, Nathen and her knew about how I had healed Nathen in the Crystal Room.

"You don't think my blood's caused more than just the emotion link, do you?" I asked her. She shrugged, and ran up behind us, We pulled him over, and laid him on the bed. I went back to Leigh. Not only she looked different, but something in her aura had changed too...

The End

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