A Puzzling Moment

Jyll walked into the room, then stopped in the door way, very confused. In the room a girl appered to be sleeping, or maybe waking up, and she seamed very familiar. Yet, she was fimilar like the "murderers",  and not knowing who to trust, Jyll slipped back outside. Her eyes seemed to see quite well in the dark, (Maybe an effect of being part shadow?) which helped her to effectivly make her way around mixed plies of objects. Both strange and normal items where stacked in the plies.  Jyll stopped, and dug through one of them. Tossing aside paper clips, hats, and bits of sting, along with laser guns, dragon eggs, and moon rocks, Jyll found a small, hand-carved box.  It appered to be a puzzle box.  She started to slide the wooden bits, and in what seemed to be just a few minutes, but was truly a few hours, solved the box.  Gently, she lifted the lid, and looked inside it. A red, glass triangle was nestled inside. It shimmerd, and jyll reached forward, touching it. The moment her fingers and the glass contacted, jyll collasped, and found her self trapped inside the glass. Supprised, she looked out of the triangle, and saw herself laying on the ground in some sort of colma. Someone stood over the unconsious jyll, and smiled.

"I am free!!!!" 

 Jyll could not tell what the person looked like, but asumed they had been traped in the box before her.  The person gently picked up the box, carefull to not touch the triangle. With a bone chiling laugh, they wisperd to jyll in the glass.

"enjoy your time" 

They then slowly closed the box, reaseting the puzzle.  Looking around the basment , they threw the box into a mound that was ONLY puzzle boxes. Laughing, once again, the person streched, wondeing what to do first.

Back in the end of the basment closest to the stair case, everone was prepareing to take nathan to the healing room. May stopped for a moment, and listened.  

"Didn't you say you where looking for someone?' she asked Ara.

The End

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