Return to Life

Leigh felt herself change in Sealantus’s embrace. He had come for her. He had seen her as she had been and he hadn’t cared. Her arms hesitatingly returned his hug as her eyes searched his face. She knew what deceit looked like. She had seen it enough in her youth. But there was not a trace of it. Her heart began to beat.

The white storm around them whirled faster and faster. It tore them apart though Sealantus clung to her with all his might. As their hands slipped from each other, Leigh was thrown backwards. For a second everything was black.


Leigh’s body convulsed and changed as her soul returned. She gasped loudly as her lungs refilled with air. Beside her she heard Sealantus gasp as well. Leigh lay still, her eyes closed, savoring the fact that she was alive. Alive and feeling whole.

“Leigh?” Sealantus stirred beside her.

Leigh’s eyes blinked open. She smiled at him. He helped her sit up. She was about to say something, when she realized everyone was focused on Nathan. Leigh stood and went to where he had collapsed. She looked at him curiously. Feeling his forehead she yelped and jumped back. She shook her hand then placed her lips on where he’d burnt her.

“Should we try the healing room?” she said after a moment.

The End

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