Water Arrives... Unceremoniously.

Ara jumped when Nathan screamed and, upon seeing the half-scribbled word on the paper, raced off to the kitchen at full pelt.

Dammit, where's Calamari Boy when you need him? Unconscious that's where. Rotten seaweed-covered git.

Such was his haste to get back into the room that he nearly upended the large jug of water over himself. Darting over to Nathan he ignored Flamara's confused look and upended the whole thing on top of the now motionless man. Then he got to his knees beside him and shook his shoulder violently. Jees he was hot! What the heck was wrong with him?

One thing was sure, Ara needed to keep him awake. Gods knew what could happen if he didn't.

"Nathan! Nathan wake up, come on man, wake up! Stay with me do you hear, stay with me! WAKE UP!"

As if on cue, the radio started playing London's Burning.

Oh how cliche.

The End

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