Pretty Hot . . .

I slowly began to awaken, and as I did, I pulled the covers over me more, it was so cold.  Suddenly it stopped being cold, like the air in the room was magically being heated.  I took the coveres off of me, but was suddenly hot, very hot.  I looked around the room, everyone was normall.  I started sweating, and ripped off my shirt in the heat. 

I wanted to scream.  The air started to burn my skin.  I screamed silently, and finally everyone looked in my direction.  I leaned over, and closed my eyes.  I didn't dare open them because it felt like they were burning or drying up.  I pounded the ground, but still couldn't find any relief.  I started feeling around the room.

"Hey, are you ok?"  Flamara asked.  I managed to shake my head in a NO.  I grabbed the paper, and wrote HOT! on it. 

then I thought of Seatnus, or whatever his name was.  The fish dude.  He could cool me down, right?  I started to wright, WATER, on the page, but stopped at WA--- because I fell over in agony.  

I didn't what was going on, but I'd have bet that the guys who tired to take me had given me something, something I was having an alergic reaction too. 

I watched as everyone stared over me, just as my eyes closed, and everything became black.

The End

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