A Cure To Loneliness

As Ivory asked me about a cure to lonliness, I laughed gently. I thought for a moment.  "Well, friends, family, something warm...I always find a hug cures lonliness, or at least makes it better." I told her. Ivory cocked her head, then pressed close to me. I wrapped my arms round her, and head her pur slightly.

"Why does she need a cure to lonliness?" I asked myself. I put my finger under he furry chin, and made her look up into my eyes. "Ivory, I don't see why you ask for a cure to lonliness. You have Nathen, me, everybody, the house. And as long as you've got friends, you'll never be lonley." I told her. I pulled her into a hug again, thinking of how I had tried to heal her, wondering if anything had happened. Pixie, Shadow, and my blood, I wasn't sure what would happen to her...but she was fine. And for now, most of us are happy. I let go of Ivory, and went to Sealantus's and Leigh's bodies. I touched Sealantus's hand, then Leigh's.

"Come back, my brother, and you Leigh. Come back, my friends." 

The End

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