Pretty Cold . . .

Master, what is the cure to lonleness?  Ivory asked me.  I laughed in my head, and she heard it.  After I didn't tell her, she walked over to Flamara, and asked her.

I stood up and stretched.  Now to think of it, I hadn't slept in over 3 days.  I walked outside of the basement, and looked around.  It was extreamly cold.  Even I shivered slightly.  I brushed it off, and walked down the hall, and turned off into the closest room with a bed, laying down in it.  Soon, I fell asleep.

I woke with a start, and as soon as I did began to shiver wildly.  I looked around the room.  On the wall was a temperature rater, and it said it was almost 70 digrees.  Wow, it must be broken.  I shivered some more, and pulled the blankets ontop of me.

Finally I got up, and walked back into the basement.  I coughed alot during the way there.  I walked in, and suddenly May looked up at me.  She was the one with the Bow and Arrow.  Or maybe not, maybe here name was something else.

She walked up to me.  "Hey, your turning blue!" She exclaimed.  I looked down, and I was.  Everyone looked up at me, and stared.  None of them seemed cold.

I suddenly got a ringing head ache, and coughed some more into my hand.  I saw blood on my hand, and then I realized I was sick.  It must have been one of the men on the tank gave it too me.  I started to fall over, and May caught me before I hit the ground, slowly letting me touch down.  I looked up into her eyes the the light shining in from directly above her head.  At that moment, she looked beatiful.  Like an angel.  Well . . . not really like an angel,  I knew what they looked like too, but you know what I mean.

I looked up at her for what seemed like eternity, and then slowly fell asleep, still shivering voilently. . . .

The End

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