Going After Her

As soon as I felt Leigh's heart stop, I laid her body down, and went to Flamara. "Flamara, do you remember you second eldest sister, Russalka?" I asked. She nodded. "Remember what happens when our fire and water mix too much?" She nodded once more, then read what he was thinking. She gave a stiff nod, then stood. I stood in a ball of water, and with all her might, Flamara threw her flames. She stopped, and the water faded. I watched as my body collapsed next to Leigh's, and I found myself in a white plain. I saw Leigh. She looked different. Her eyes had changed, and top set of teeth, but I didn't care. She was still Leigh.

I ran to her, and she turned away from me.She touched the floor, and pulled a white veil over her face. I came forward, and pulled it back. I linked my hands round her back, and hugged her. A whirling white storm came towards us, and enveloped us.

Leigh's face changed. Her eyes became soft, ice blue, her hair grew longer, till it reached the bottom of her back, and she became pale as the white around us. She smiled up at me, with pearly white teeth. I smiled back, and held her close. I whispered in her ear, "Told you I'd come for you."

The End

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