What is going on?

Well after Ivory had been shot I was quite starled. I didn't know exactly  what to do here. I mean I had just been wandering the woods and suddenly I was in a house with a big crowd of strangers. I just kept to myself in a corner fiddling with one of my arrows. I looked around and saw someone who looked just about as confused as I felt. I think she had said her name was Jade but I didn't really know. I continued to look around. I saw someone enter then head over to the tiger who was now alive again thanks to the girl at the tigers head. I wondered if I could help these people but then again what difference would a fourteen year old girl do against the people that had attacked this place? I considered leaving but I knew that wasn't going to do any good.

What were all these people doing here is one place? Did they get lost as well and found this place? What is going on?

The End

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