Passage to the Underworld

Leigh’s heart and breathing continued to slow as her body temperature dropped. Despite that her mind was racing faster and faster like the whirling snow before her eyes. She lay still as her soul struggled to break from the entrapment. Finally with one mighty shiver it broke free, leaving her body empty and lifeless.


Leigh stood upon a blank white plain. It stretched on endlessly with no horizon in sight. She looked around. Looked at her hands and felt her face. She was who she was six years ago, before the eye surgery, before the jaw breaking and braces.

Her thick rimmed glasses magnified her eyes; the one sea blue, the other sea green. Colors she’d always corrected with brown contacts.

Her upper jaw jutted out so far she could place her thumb between her lip and upper teeth. Teeth that were crooked. Up top, because they had too much room, below because they didn’t have enough.

Collapsing to the ground Leigh tried to cry but no tears came out. She was ugly. No one would ever love her. How could they, when she couldn’t love herself, when she hated herself because she could never accept how she looked. Even after the eye surgery, jaw braking and braces.

Some one chuckled behind her. Leigh stood up and turned around. The man was non-descript. He wore white, and Leigh wouldn’t have seen him if it wasn’t for his face peeping from the hood.

“Doubt that someone could love you, do you?” he asked.

“How could they when I hate how I look?” she replied.

He chuckled again. “Love thinks not of appearances. See?” he pulled his hands from his sleeves and drew a circle in the air beside them. He breathed upon it. “A Forbidden Love,” he said.

Leigh stared through the circle to see her still body being held tightly by Sealantus. She shook her head. Impossible, why would the King of Water fall in love with her of all people?

“Come now, you still doubt? Have you seen who his sister fell in love with?” The man snickered.

Staring at the look on Sealantus’s face Leigh couldn’t help but reach out to touch it. But no sooner did her finger hit the image then it faded away. She sighed. “I’m dead aren’t I?”

“Oh, I’d say you’re only about half way there.” The man laughed. “You can keep walking, or wait and see if he comes after you.” Leigh’s eyebrows arched at the man’s last statement. “He can you know, though it will change you both.” And with one last chuckle the man vanished leaving her all alone.

With nothing else to do Leigh began to walk. Even if Sealantus came after her, she wasn’t sure he’d want her looking like this.


Out in the Hideout where Leigh’s body lay lifeless in Sealantus’s arms, the radio played music from Jacques Offenbach’s opera “Orpheus in the Underworld.”

The End

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