They Are Gone

I looked up at Ara.  He'd just asked what was going on, and i guessed I owed him an answer.  I grabbed another sheet of paper, and my pen out of my pocket.  On it I wrote:

'I'm sorry for causing so much trouble.  When I was banned from the government, they tried to kill me, asuming I knew too much, which I did.  I bearly excaped death, and retreated to the only place I knew, or thought, they couldn't find me.  sadly, they did.

'After I thought Ivory had died, I let them take me, and they all left.  You've all been hiding in here for nothing, they're gone.  I killed them all and excaped back to here . . . we are all safe now.  Well unless there is some danger here I don't know about.'

I showed it to Ara, and suddenly Ivory moved.

Are you ok?  I asked.

The End

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