Is She OK?!?!

I went back into the basement, to see my sister laying with her arms wrapped round the sleeping tiger, and I saw Leigh move slightly. I ran to her, and touched her. She was as cold as ice. I put a hand on her heart. soft and slow, but slower than usual. I ripped the blanket back, and pulled her into my arms. I held her close. I rocked back and forth with her, praying to the Goddess for her to wake.

I pulled her seeming lifeless body closer, and kissed her, with tears blurring my vision. Someone tried to pull her out of my arms, but I used one arm to push them away. I wasn't going to leave her, or let anyone take her. I would take on Geoff, Ara and Death before I parted with her. I whispered into her ear.

"Don't go, don't leave me. I would only follow you to the Realm of Death. Stay with me. Stay with me."

The End

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