I'm Back . . .

As I walked slowly back to the hideout, back to the place of Ivorys death, I silently wept.

Eventually, I came to a clearing in the trees.  I walked up to the front door, and walked in.  I looked around.  No one was there.  Huh?  I looked around, even through the kitchen, whitch was completly black and in ruins.

Eventually I came back to the basement, and crumpeled on the floor as I saw the spot where Ivory had been killed.  She wasn't there, she'd probably been moved by now, and I only wished I could at least see her again.

Slowly, I got up and walked down into the basement, and opened the door.  Someone looked up at me, and I saw it was Ara.

"Hey."  he said.  I wondered why they were all still in the basement, everyone had left with my, and I'd killed them all.

then I saw her.  Ivory lay on the ground, asleep, but I could tell she was breathing.  I rushed to her, and lay on her.  I tried to contact her through my mind, but she didn't answer.  that was fine, though.  She was OK.

The End

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