Imparted Knowledge And The Things That Follow

The images still came to him when he closed his eyes. He had asked the mist where he was, and how to get back home. That answer only lead to more questions, and those answers lead to more as well.

He had lost track of time in the room, in fact, he was starting to wonder if time even passed until he was suddenly pulled bodily from the room. Apparently the woman, if she indeed was a woman and not his imagination as the mist had told him, was afraid he hadn't known about the payment. He fumed at his lost opportunity as he was placed back into the basement like some kind of child.

If I didn't know about the payment, when you took me out I would have been killed!

But he knew that, at the same time, it would be impossible for anyone to notice that he had paid. When the mist had told him anything could be considered payment, he chose the one thing that he knew there was plenty of, and was self replenishing: hair.Just a single strand he thought with a grin. For all the information in the universe. Wait, no, all the universes!

The basement was rather cold, but in light of his recent discoveries he didn't care. He might just have a way to break the spell of the house and escape. Right back to the last morning he'd woken up in that uncomfortable motel bed, before he and Simmons had set out on that long night drive.

"Yes, " he whispered to himself. "I can do it. I just need the material."

The End

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