Into a Sleep of No Return

Leigh slept in a deep dreamless sleep. Even the earth shattering wouldn’t have woken her. It was almost as if she’d returned to her coma of so many years before. Yet this time she had no need of special equipment to keep her alive. Nothing to keep her breathing; nothing to keep her heart beating; all she needed was to be kept warm.

No longer in Sealantus’ arms the warmth began to seep from her. The single blanket he had put around her wasn’t enough; not in this basement. Slowly Leigh’s body began to shiver and curl in upon itself. It curled and shivered and shivered and curled until she was in the fetal position.

There, tightly wound upon herself, life began to slowly seep from Leigh's body. Images flashed before her; images that made no sense. They were of colors and shapes and spiraling fractals. They were of light and dark and murky twilight.

Her heart slowed. Her breath slowed. It seemed as though Leigh was dieing.

The End

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