Hello. Welcome to The Hideout For Misfit Characters. Why am I here? Well, I've tried to journey across vast lands that my master had created for me to test. Let's just say I've never been able to survive them. So, he sent me here.

I could tell you a lot of the adventures I've had in these lands, but sadly my master threw them out after he ran out of ideas. Crap, by the way, my name is Ezrith (as if it wasn't obvious). My name came from an idea my master made up about the non-original "slayer of lore" idea and the "chosen one" idea. He came up with my name completely out of no where.

The weapons I have used have not lived on. My first weapon, Faust, which was a ruby-red glaive. My second was Denno, which was a emerald-green scimitar, which is a blade similar to a falchion.

The farthest I've ever gotten in any of these ideas was maybe chapter seven, but my master got bored with it and trashed it.

Well, thank you for taking the time to listen to my story and why I'm here. Perhaps I'll tell you more if you ask nicely. Live free.

The End

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