Pay Back!

I sat there, completely motionless and expressionless.  I slowly started to come to my senses.  It was hot, very hot as I remember.  I slowly started to realize where i was. 

The first thing i noteced is that i was tied up, and on one of their tanks, being brought away to be questioned, and then killed.

Then I slowly started to realize all of the things around me.  men were moving all around.  Some even walked cautiously as they passed me.

The first thing I felt when I had seen Ivory had been shot, was sadness.  But now, slowly but surely, rage was entering into my blood stream.  I felt angry, like I wanted to scream, but i didn't.  I managed to keep the same look of no expression on my face, not attrackting any attention.

I skanned the inside of this tank for any excape routes, but as I did i realized a had my knife still in its sheath at my belt.

In my head i laughed.  Sometimes, these people could be the biggest bone-heads ever.  I was almsot insulted that my commander had sent such amatchurs.

I slowly pulled out the knife, and began cuting away my ropes, one at a time.

Eventually, I was through all of them, but continued to lean against the chair, so no one could tell I was untied.

I watched, and saw my perfect chance.  A young boy, about 20, was walking my way.  As soon as he was walking past me, I lunged at him, and got behind him, butting my knife to his throught.

everyone stopped, looding my way, no one dare shoot at me, they knew I wouldn't be afraid of killling him.

The man I held, was still holding his gun, and with my free hand, I grabbed it out of his hand.

"What do you want, Nathan?" one of the men in the crowd asked me.

I didn't answer.  Well, I couldn't answer, obviously.  I slowly made my way throw the crowd, holding the man at knife point, untill I was next to the lader which would lead to the top of the tank. 

At that second, I slit the mans throught, and throw my gun at them.  this all happened so quickly they hadn't realized it, and before they could shoot at me, the gun I had just thrown, hit the ground and Fired the gun, shooting it at their feet.

They hadn't quite figured out what was going on, and were just starting to by the time I got to the top of the tank, shuting the top, and sitting on it so no one could get out.

The tank was set up so that there were two compartments.  The one I'd been in, and the one the drivers are in.

I leaned over, and opened the latch that led to the compartment the drivers were in, and dropped my knife in.  It landed dirctly on the head of  the driver, and the tank started to turn left as his body fell on the steering wheel.

I stood up off of the tank latch, and it immediatly opened with the men inside starting to get out, just as I expected it would.  The first man who tried to get out looked good enough for me.  I elbowed him over the head once, grabbed his gun and one gernaid, then let him drop back in, along with his gernaid which I'd just pulled the pin out of.

Hopping off of the tank as fast as I could, I watched from a few feet away the small, but still decent, exploison inside of the tank.

every one of them were dead.  And I was glad.  very glad.  They had killed Ivory, or so I thought.  The best friend I had ever had, and they had Diserved to die.  The only thing I wished is that I could have made it more painful for them.  Killed each one my themselves.

I slowly made my way back to the hideout through the trees and foiledge of the woods. . . .

The End

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