Elric??? ELRIC?!

I ran around the house, looking for Elric and Jyll. I knew the others were in the basement, and I had a hunch where  Jyll was...  I ran up the stairs, and saw a door ajar. I peared in, to see Elrc talking to an orb. "Oh my..." I gasped, remembering Jyll when she had talked to the room. I sneaked in behind Elric, and pulled him out of the room. I heard a snarl from the room, and the door slammed. I held Elric to me, explaining about payments.

"If you don't have a payment, then the room could take anything from you. Your memories, your hair, you clothes...or even your life. It could kill you." I told him. Elric had a tear in his eye. I frowned slightly. I knelt down, and wiped away his tears with my handkerchief. I took him downstairs, and into the basement, and I screamed. Ivory seemed to be dead on the floor, and Ara was wounded. I saw that Sealantus had taken out one of the bullets from Ara's leg, but had failed to get the other from him shoulder.

I ran to Ivory, and knelt by her. I shook my head, sparks flying everywhere. Everybody looked in surprise at the number of sparks. I held my hands over he wound in her head, and gently pulled the bullet out, not by magic, but with my own hands. I healed her, and licked the blood off my hands. I heard someone say 'eww' but oh well. I knew that Ivory was already somehow slightly linked to my mind, so giving her some of my blood would be fine. I dripped my blood onto the wound, and pulled out a vial of Geoff's blood he had given me. I put a drop of that on too. I forced my blood, the last drop of shadow blood in the house, and a drop of Geoff's blood into her mouth, and down her throat. I made her swallow, and laid my head against her furry side, and waited. Some tried to pull me away, but I stuck to Ivory like glue. She was my friend, and I wasn't about to let someone else get taken away from me, like all my brothers and sisters when I got seperated from them when we entered the Hideout.

The End

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