The Angel and the Halfborn

Smarmy, self-important, stuck up fish. Thinks he can make me feel guilty just by getting a goddam bullet outta my leg.

He seems to forget I've got another one sticking into my shogging shoulder.

Grinding his teeth, Ara stalked over to a far corner of the basement. Fish Face had left somewhere and everyone else appeared to be milling around. Ara cast about but couldn't see Elric, Jyll, Ivory or Nathan anywhere. The Halfborn chewed his lip, confused and worried for his friends.

Then something yelped behind him and he whipped around, yelping as he jerked his shoulder to face something that looked like an angel.

"Whoops. Err, sorry about that." Ara narrowed his eyes, "You said your name was Jade right? I'm Ara."

"Are... are you a demon?" Jade whispered, gawking at him.

Oh no. Not that old stereotype again. What do I look like, Satan?

"No. No I'm not a demon, I'm a Halfborn. We're nothing like demons, aside of course from the... horn." Ara looked up at the blood-coated black appendage, rolling his eyes slightly.

"So, how did you get here?"

This is going to get complicated...

The End

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