When's She Awakening???

I ran with Leigh into the basement, and looked around. Ivory looked to be dead, Nathen had gone, Flamara's Halfling was wounded, and an angel girl called Jade was stood in the room. Flamara was nowhere to be seen, and neither was the little girl. I laid Leigh down onto a blanket, and stroked her hair, an washed some of the blood off her clothes, which she had gained when we had tried to get into the basement. "When's she waking up then?" I thought.

I kissed Leigh's cold lips tenderly, then went over to the Halfling. He hissed at me. I ignored him, an touched the pendant round his neck. He used his good arm to swipe at me. I rolled my eyes. I touched his bad calf. Water ran around his leg, and the bullet came out, making Ara whimper. I did the same with his shoulder. He looked at me suspiciously. I laughed. "Hey, hate me if you want, but if Flamara likes you, then that's good enough for me." Ara rolled his eyes, and looked away from me. I sighed. My attempt to make peace with him didn't really seem to have appeased him. I left the room, to search for the little girl, then my sister.

The End

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