Gone . . . Gone Forever

We all sat in the room.  Well, all of us besides Jyll, who was probably lost somewhere.  She'd remember us eventually.  I hoped.

I decided to open the door to the basement to have a little look-see.  I did, and no one was there.  I cautiously walked out farther to get a better view, but as soon as I did, Ivory came running out the door.

Master!  Master!  Is that girl in there my friend?  she thought.

What?  What girl?  Stop running around, you going to get us bo---  In the middle of my thought, I heard a gunshot.  Someone had shot Ivory in the head.  She layed there motionless, and I couldn't read her thoughts.

I dropped to my knees.  I was amazed.  how had this happened?  I couldn't quite take it in.  I heard foot steps coming toward me, even muffled calls of my name.

everything seemed to be passing at lightnening speed.  right now I was suddenly In a car, drving away.  or wait, not on a car, on a tank.  I was tied up, and the men were taking me away.  Far away . . .

The End

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