Murderers or Green Door.

Jyll watched in horror as a huge group of strange people ran in the room. A few of them shot her author and his co-writers.  Jyll bubble screamed something, but she wasn't sure what. All the people in the room stared in shock.  She started to cry, and tried to run deeper into the basement, which was much bigger then anyone thought. The group of, of what should she call them? The group of Murderers, were chasing after her. They kept yelling "Jyll!! Jyll! come back! They can't hurt you anymore!" She kept running, very confused. Who was Jyll? She looked back every once in awhile. They all seemed a bit familiar, especially one who looked like her imaginary friend Beba. Yet, they had killed her author!  Her eyes blurred with tears, and she ran faster into the darkness of the basement. After awhile, she slowed down. She could still hear the murderers, but she seemed to have lost them. Realizing she too, was lost, Jyll started to feel very scared. Her she was, in a dark, cold basement, trying to escape a group of murderers who had just killed her author.  Shuddering, Jyll stopped, and after her eyes seemed to adjust a bit, she saw a soft green glow just ahead of her in the basement. It was coming from a large, glowing door that had bits of blue swirling across it. It opened, and a long, pale white arm beaconed her in.

"come child, you will be safe here...."

Jyll hesitated. Murderers, or a creepy glowing green door.

She chose the door.


The End

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