Basement! Now!

In the mittle of the action, I was sneacking around the room, between bullets and bombs, and showing everyone the note I'd made, and they told everyone else.  The plan was, that when Ara screamed now, they all run, retreating up the stairs, into the hall way, and then to the basement entrance.

I suddenly looked outside, and caught a glimpse of a Tank.  Oh, oH! 

I ran up to Ara, fighting against someone, and shot the person from behind.  I tried to say the words NOW as best I could with no sound coming out, and Ara under stood.

"NOOWWW!!!"  He screamed.

Everyone stopped fighting, and suddenly ran back up the stars, across the hall.  I didn't have time to make absolutely sure everyone was there.  I blew the bomb, and behind us the entire Kitchen was suddenly a mass of fire and force.

We got to the basement entrance, and all oured in, accidantily stumbling upon a small group of men.  but wait.  Jyll was ... hugging ... one of them.

I shot him, and Mischa behind me shot the other two.

"THAT WAS MY AUTHER!"  Jyll thought bubbled.

What? What the heck was going on?

The End

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