Amnesia and Hugging the Assasin.

Jyll woke and looked about the room, very confuzed. Her thoughts were fuzzy, and she had no clue where she was. In fact, she did not know who she was. All she knew was that she was somewhere very dark, and very cold. Suddelnly the bright light of a lantern flooded her vison. "Authie?" 

A man's voice echoed through the room "What is the girl talking about?" the man hesitated. "and was that a speach bubble?" 

Jyll tried to stand, but stumbled and fell. She was helped up by a swift tug of some not so gental arms. Jyll found her self looking into the gruff face of man who had a long scar down his face and neck. Jyll reconised him from somewhere, but did not know where. Shyly she asked the man a question. "Are you my Author?"

The man, suprisd said "What are you talking about, are you insa-"      

The man was pulled back swiftly by someone.

" Say you are" someone wispered

"But sir, she is acting like she is some character in a-"

"Just play along with it. What ever you gave her to knock her out, must have messed her up. Say you are her author, and she probly will not try to escape."

The man looked into the lifeless eyes of his superior, almost daring to disobey.

"Thats an order, Raz. Its time you play writer." 

Jyll watched as the scarred man came back to her.

"Hello...Sweetie... It's me, your author."

Jyll smiled at the man, and suddenly gave the assasin a hug....

The End

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