Saving Ara

Iwatched from behind the counter of the kitchen.  Isaw Ara looking franticly around for someone, and suddenly shot, once in the shoulder, second in the cafe.  I knew the next would be in the head, that was like the snipers code.

I dove out, and tackled Ara, probably causing him some pain, and moving him to the side just as the next bullet put a hole in the wall right where Ara head was.

"Damn Nathan where the HECK were you?"  Ara shouted.

I shrugged as I carried him into a corner away from the confusion.  Qucikly, I pulled out the paper and wrote:  I've planted some bombs in the corners of the room.  Please, you need to convince everyone to leave the room, so I can explode the mines, hopefully killing some of them and giving us time to excape.

I showed the paper to Ara, and through gasps of pain he read it carefully.

The End

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