Blood and Bullets

Ara darted out of the kitchen with the others and scrambled up onto the stair banisters, crouched like some living gargoyle and waiting for any enemy to get close enough to shred. One tried to grap the pinnacle of one furled wing but Ara spread it with vicious speed, sending the man flying off him and landing in a heap in the corner.

Time for a bit of aerial recon methinks.

Springing off the banister, and giving one man a final vicious kick in the face as he went, Ara swooped around and did a quick headcount. A couple were missing, but he couldn't place names with all these people running about.

He needed to find Nathan and find out what was going on.

Landing again, Ara pushed two men out of the way hard, trying to locate Nathen in this mass of people.

Then he heard a shot from his left and a sudden blazing pain in his shoulder. Ara shrieked and clutched the wound, feeling the crimson blood oozing through his fingers. A second bullet slammed into the back of his calf and he fell to one knee, yowling in pain and confusion. He couldn't even see the sniper, let alone find him.

Damn! Where the heck is Nathan?

The End

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