Making A Choice

I sat there, watching my sister, her precious Halfling and others fight men. Leigh still hadn't woken. I pulled her closer to me as a human with a large gun pointed it at her, and evil grin on his face. There was a loud thump, and the man fell to the floor. Behind him, stood Lucy, weilding a gun, using it to hit people with. I heard my sister let out an evil laugh. "What an evil laugh you have, my friend!" I called to her. She turned and grinned, then knocked someone else out with a burst of fire. As the men dropped down unconscious, I watched everyone go. Jyll was missing. I called to the tiger to look for Jyll, but she tilted her head, and left.

I had to make a choice. Follow the others, or stay here with Leigh. I choose Leigh. I sighed, and smiled at her. Her lips parted slightly in her sleep. A couple of men came in. "Damn." I said plainly. Even though she was younger than me, Flamara was more powerful than me. I pushed the men out of the room, and hit them with a burst of water. I looked down at Leigh, and felt myself be pulled to her. I brushed a strand of hair away, and let my lips brush her forehead. I kissed her petite nose softly, then picked her up, and carried her out of the room, and up the stairs, towards the others.

The End

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