Jyll gave a small bubble-cry when the army of men entered the room. As the shot that hit, or almost hit, nathan (jyll was not sure which) she backed into the shadows (the non-living shadows). An arm grabbed her and covered her mouth. She could not bubble write at all. A rough, but quiet voice wisperd in her ear.

"Do not make a sound...Your friends do not know about the rest of us...yet....."

with fear in hear eyes jyll looked up at  the man, and the rest of the men in the darkness. They must be back up, or maybe a hidden force, waiting to ambush from behind. She was not sure how they had gotten into the hideout without anyone noticing, but they were bad news. Struggling,jyll  tryed to alert the others of second group of assassins, but to no avail.  

"how old are you anyway?" The man said. "Six? Seven?" He smiled down at her. " You could be usefull... later....perhaps...leverage. The man's smile intensified, a erie, sickening smile.  "Yes...leverage..."

A sharp pain shot up jyll's arm. Looking down, she flinched as the man pulled a small syringe from her arm. "

"Don't worry...It won't kill you...only make you...tired...For a little while."  The  man wisperd. He made a silent signal to the rest of the men in the shadows, and they slipped into one of the many passage ways of the house.  Jyll watched, to weak to struggle as the man dragged her into the hall.  Just before she slipped into unconsciousness, she thought she heard flamara knockout the last of army that had shot nathans ear, With a small cheer, flamara and the others ran up the stairs. No one noticed jyll was missing.  The second group of assassins sped up a little, and continued into the dark maze of hallways.  Continued with grim heartlessness.


The End

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