Excape Route

I Grabbed Corbys hand and we ran up the stairs, and took a right, as we left i heard "Allright, if we don't get them, we'll get you.  Gun fire suddenly start.

We ran to one of the rooms on the left.  I opened the door, and led her inside.  I wished i could speak.  I mouthed the words "I'll Be Back"  as best I could, and held my hand up singniling for her to stay.

I shut the door, and walked back into the room.  everyone was fighting, the men who'd come to get me obviously not afraid of killing inocent.  I checked my vest.  I didn't have any  gernaids left, but I had some trigger mines. 

I walked down the stairs, keeping low so that no one would see me, and placed one of the mines at one corner, then moved to another and placed one there, untill I had one at every corner.

Now i realized the flaw in my plan.  Some how I needed to get everyone i didn't want killed, to run out of the kitchen as fast as they could, and then press the bomb when no one really but those morons were left, but how to do it?

The End

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