Evil Little Laugh

As Ara took on a couple of the men, I pressed my lips to the mans throat. He breathed in sharply, as if frightened, but I didn't bite. I whispered in his ear about the Hideout, about all the magic and mayhem. The man fainted. I let him slump to the floor, then push Nathen and Corby out of the room. "Run dammit! Run!" I yelled at them. Nathen took Corby's hand, and pulled her up the stairs.

I went back in, and grabbed another man. As I sent him unconsious, he murmured, "What a pretty face...for someone so devilish." I let out a giggle as he too slid to the floor. Ara punched one of the men. I let out a laugh. "What an evil little laugh you have, my friend!" Shouted someone in the cupboard, and I realized it was Sealantus. He had not left Leigh's side. He was waiting for her to wake.

The End

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