Good work Flamara! Now all we have to do is distract these psychos long enough for Nathan and Corby to get out of their way...

Ara chewed his lip for a moment, thinking, then called to the men.

"Hey you dolts! Care to turn around for a second? Your friend's in some trouble back here." He snarled evilly at the end of that statement. Two of the men turned and looked back, spotting Flamara's knife at their comrade's throat. They stepped forwards, guns raised.

Then Ara's heel collided with one man's shoulder. He screeched and went down, his comrade wheeling to face the taloned threat facing him. Some of the others looked round to see what the commotion was about. Ara half-smiled:

Alright, now I'm in trouble. Move Nathan, for shogg's sake, MOVE!

The End

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