Appearances Can Be...Deceiving

As I threw fire at the men, it bouced off. They pointed their guns at Nathen and Corby. I covered my ears as Ara let out a high pitch wail. I grinned. Some of the men had covered their ears. I thought for a moment. If they thought Ara hurt them, then what would the think of a banshee? I didn't know where to get a banshee, but I couldn't turn into one either. I walked calmly over to one of the men. He looked at me curiously as I went behind him, and pulled him gently away from the rest. Someone in the room had found my plan, and was making the man think I was being kind.

The man said, "Well, this beats holding a heavy gun for hours..." As I pulled him. A knife flew into my hand. I put an arm round the man's shoulder, and placed the flat of the blade over his left shoulder, and placed it onto just below the right side of his head. "Appearances can be...deceiving." I whispered dangerously in his ear. Ara gave me a sharp toothed grin. "That's my girl." He chuckled. All the other men still had their guns pointed at Nathen and Corby,  but most were looking over at me and their friend.

The End

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