Let's Chat

Mishka? Can you hear me old man? Can you hear me, yes? Very good. Let's have a chat, eh Mishka, just like old times?

I knew that smug voice, it was Author, and here I thought he had abandoned me. I could here him as though there were a radio next to my head.

"Fine, I guess I can't shut you out if you're in my head." It looked like I wasn't going to be doing much more sleeping.

Firstly, your comrades are berating me for sending you away for so long without telling them where or why. Tanya looked as though she was about to cut me throat only yesterday, and I don't doubt for a minute she wouldn't try. I get the feeling they they think I killed you!

"I'm pretty sure I'm alive, but it's your own damned fault for not telling them anything; can you blame me if Red nearly gave you a new smile?" They must really have been scared if they were willing to threaten Author.

They are indeed worried about you, perhaps I'll tell them something, you will be returning to us shortly anyhow. I'm not sure what to say though, they'd never believe any of what you're actually going through. Also, a strike team of rather vicious and well armed men are on their way.

"Wait how do you know that? Did you send them?"I looked around the room, everyone was sort of lazing about, but far off in the forest I heard a single shot.

I didn't send them and I'm not sure who did, but I know they're coming. I have some sway in all of the worlds, that's the nature of my position and of all others like me. By the by, I look forward to the carnage, old man.



The End

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