Don't doubt his'll end up in trouble

Corby sat lent up against the kitchen counter, and her eyes shot wide with fear as she saw a part of Nathans ear cut off, and a bullet shape cut through the cieling.

"Go away...please just leave him," Corby whispered to herself.

Shut it little girl, another voice, a low manly voice much unlike her authors growled.

"Just when we are all calm you come along. This is pathetic!" She murmured, slowly shifting her gaze to the door where armed men waited.

Just give him to us and you won't get hurt. He hissed.

"Like a small little human could hurt me," she sniggered.

Are you doubting my ways Miss Dreamer? He asked, she could hear the evil smile in his voice. Corby paused and looked at the kitchen tiled floor, then looked up to see a happily sleeping Leigh with Seleantus. She nodded. Well then, I guess we'll just have to blow your head off too!

Corby shot up onto her feet as men kicked the door down and rushed in, two of them pointing guns at Corby and Nathan. Her eyes went wide with fear as she breathed heavily.

"You better not hold a gun to someone unless you're ready to pull the trigger," She warned to the man holding a gun at Nathan.

"Well then," he clicked his gun, putting in a fresh silver bullet, "I'm ready." he smiled.


The End

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