Am i that harmless? ...

I woke up and remeber'd that i allways wake up in a new world. One day killing shadows next day too much sleep! I was blurry but because of masters high inteligence, i made my way to him.

I wasn't exspecting so many new friends in one day, but it happends all the time so why worry. These people seemed odd with the armor but master came in with that, and i liked them any way .... untill they pulled out the black gun and tried to kill master, now it was personal!

Flamira tried to hurt them but it deflected right off. I then took matters into my own hands and let a big ROAR. They didn't even move by the wind because the had so much weight on them. We need new plan! I thought said to master. Before he thought of anything i saw a exstra gun and bit down the trigger. The pop came and then there became a hole in the celling. Master, will you teach me to controll POP!

The End

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